Crotona IHS CTE Showcase Dec 2018

Ms Betty 12th Grade:
These students have given their best effort towards their video production, whether it is by persisting through each stage of the video project or exhibiting professionalism in their video interviews, or creating the best edits.
Dariel Eusebio, Gabriela Bruno, Nicely Pimentel, Julio Rivera, Francisco Pimentel, Cristopher Figueroa, Dayairys Torres, Jose Disla, Giselle Diego, Sharbie Rivaz, Ruth Florian.

Ms. Katy 11th Grade:
These students showcased their Remix & Lyric Videos & received a Certificate of Recognition for creating outstanding art, music and videos in Emerald CTE Music & Media Arts class.
Yulia Feliz & Claudia
Michael Anazco & Michael Perez, Yessica Disla, Brian Rivas, Assatu Jalloh, Julliany & Mercedes, Stware Ortega & John, Olivia Amoussou
Illyasu Jalloh, Yelkis and Keury, Mariyama Chowdhury and Baldwin & Evelio

Ms Gina & Mr. Taylor 9th & 10th Grade
Recognized the top 3 designs of each class first and then giving my “De lo’ mio” awards; recognizing students who are always willing and ready to assist me and their peers.
Winners of top designs: Esthefany Diaz, Mariel Payano, Julio Hernandez, Deuri Brito, Kewry Ramos, Eduardo, Hewin García, Alieshka Román, Nahiomy.

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